Cases i Associats

Editorial Integration

Cases i Associates - Sol361 newsrooms adapt the logic of editorial content creation for variable platforms, cope with different time cycles and enable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) publishing for many channels, print and digital, maintaining operational and content consistency combined with quality standards of the brand.

Continuous editing

The rythms of the newsroom must keep pace with the flow of information - gone are the days of a single daily or weekly deadline. The newsroom is now in a state of permanent editing and publishing, and naturally this requires a holistic reassessment of of workflows, organisation, command structure ... even the dynamics of meetings and routines must adapt to the digital logic. Our insights and experience help create a new newsroom - no longer focussed just an event (the publication of the printed product) but dedicated to continuous editing of information across all of the platforms available to your customers.

Multiplatform publishing

Production of content is most efficient when organised according to themes, not platforms. The ability to publish content across a range of platforms is central to the sustainable business of journalism - yet this is one of the most challenging aspects of cultural change in any established newsroom. We have proven expertise in delivering the correct organisation, training and strategies to enable publishers and editors to migrate from a platform-centric newsroom to a content-centric newsroom, increasing a brand's efficiency, quality and audience engagement.