Cases i Associats

What we do

Cases i Associats - Sol361 is a leader in delivering market-leading expertise to the news industry across a number of specialities; strategy, new product development, branding, organisation, technology, plus design and build of products across print and digital. With offices in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, London, Miami and São Paulo, we have been at the cutting edge of news publishing across the world for more than two decades, responsible for developing more than 100 projects with some of the world's most famous news brands.

Editorial design

Design is never an end in itself. It is a means to convey comprehensive product information to the customer without being intrusive or overbearing. Good design reinforces a product's image, its position in the market and the values implicit within the brand. The starting point of every project is a profound understanding of these elements. Only then can a design be successful, its execution reaching well beyond mere decoration.

Digital design

Digital platforms are different. If they are to fulfil their potential, both in terms of audience engagement and commercially, they cannot be derived from print products, however successful. They must be designed from a purely digital dynamic. We are committed to applying the values of a successful brand to the best possible digital interface. Our promise is to deliver to you new ways of story-telling and editing - bringing your journalism and content alive online.


Newsroom organisation

One of the main benefits in designing or redesigning a newspaper or website, is the opportunity to redesign the newsroom itself - enhancing its efficiency as a creator of content, optimising abilities in areas such as editing, graphic design and typography, improving work flows, creating new synergies between departments and leveraging technical advantages within content management tools, prepress and printing. Our unique insights and expertise, gained from many different news organisations throughout the world, enable us to help your people and technology fulfil their potential - making your newsroom the best it can be.


Editorial strategy

Many elements contribute to the optimum positioning of editorial products in any given marketplace - from customer analysis to strategic goals, from product design to objective understanding of competitive advantage. Sol361 - Cases i Associats has deep expertise in combining these elements to best advantage, and then a proven track record in delivering the correct product to the correct audience, in print and digital.